What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a hybrid of the Internet and organic probability, connecting players to croupiers via video link. Streamed from a studio that is laid out to mimic a real land-based casino and capturing it all with cameras set in strategic positions, the games are played by real people and can feel as authentic as visiting your favourite physical casino – without any of the hassles of travelling to one.

Unlike their virtual counterparts, which are crunched into digits by computers to keep them fair for all players, live games feature human dealers who undergo extensive training to ensure they can deliver the best possible gambling experience. They are trained to recognise players’ actions, react instantly and make the player feel as if they are in the same room together.

The games are played by using gameplay software that connects the dealer to the live video feed of the game and to a chat function that allows players and dealers to communicate with each other. Each table also has a GCU, a specialist device not much bigger than a shoebox that encodes the video for transmission over the web.

The games are played on desktop and mobile devices and many live casinos have dedicated apps for iOS and Android users, available in the Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Most of the time, players must log in to a site before they can start playing and they may have to provide personal details such as their home address and contact information. This is done for security reasons and to make sure that the player can comply with the wagering terms and conditions.